Saturday, 25 February 2012

Shopping on a Snow Day

I am from Canada, Alberta to be exact.  Which inevitable means we get snow days.  Today is one of those blustery days when it's just not worth venturing outside in the car.  I might bundle up to walk to the store later, but for now I am killing some time reading and window (or computer screen?) shopping online.

As part of my quest to become more green and eco conscious, I am trying to avoid my usual shops and online stores.  I am also trying to make purchases matter more and have instituted a new 'get one give one' rule.  This way when I make a purchase, I consider what I am replacing, what I can donate etc.  While not perfect, it is a good first step for a girl who loves to shop and finds it really hard to turn down a good deal.  The gap 40% off clearance sales racks are going to miss me.

I have also stopped all inbox notifiers of group sales a la groupon and dealfind and instead added VeganCuts to my Facebook page so I see what's new when I'm checking in on all my friends happenings.  EthicalDeal is another great one that features local green companies in your own city.

Actual stores are tougher.  H&M has a COnscious Collection coming out in April that looks promising (if you consider only the  clothing line).  I am in love with this adorable dress.

One of my all time favourites ASOS has an amazing Green Room that features brands with 'environmental and social ethos'.  It includes clothing, shoes and skin care.  Think Toms, and People Tree.

Matt & Natt have their new Spring 2012 line online too.  As usual they never disappoint! I am loving the grass-green hue.

That's all for today! Enjoy your Saturday however you choose to spend it!


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