Sunday, 8 April 2012

Getting Technical

Gone are the days when people go for a run/hike/workout wearing cotton T's and shorts.  Stores are full of different mixtures of polyester, lycra and Lululemon's infamous Luon blend.  The more  readily available eco-friendly of these products tends to be smartwool, but for vegans who obstain from wearing/buying wool this is simply not an option.

Thankfully, hemp and bamboo clothing lines have come a long way and advancements in the science of fashion means that we can all go for a run in a t-shirt that is good for our skin and good for the environment.

Using their very on Eucalyptex and recycled polyester fabrics, Modrobes make functional clothing.  I want to run in these T-shirts!

Who can argue with a statement like this:

"If you can do something that's better for everyone wouldn't you do it? We have the technology to make garments that don't use pesticides and toxic chemicals that kill us so why wouldn't we do it. We may be just a small clothing company but if we can make the world a tiny bit better then I'll feel like I did my part as a designer and human." -Steven Sal Debus, -founder/designer

Chick'd Athletic Apparel
Manufactured in Southern Ontario, Canada, Chick’d offers apparel made from environmentally sustainable fabrics; eucalyptus lyocell, organically grown cotton, recycled polyester,and Eco-charcoal (made from ground-up coconut shells and bamboo).

A tried and true brand that is dedicated to sustainable practices.  It is quite interesting to read through their  footprint chronicles.  The steps they are taking as a company to conserve the environment seem limitless.  Read about them all here and then drop by MEC to browse the latest Patagonia lines.

I tend to wear a lot of different brands when I run, but majority of our technical/outdoor gear does come from MEC.  Would love to know where you shop for your workout gear.

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend!


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