Saturday, 7 April 2012

Spring Shoes!

It would not be April without new shoes! Here are four of my favourite spring picks to kick you into shoe shopping gear!

Starting from the top left and clockwise:

  1.  Zahra - Indigo Flowa (Neuaura) $85

  2. Love is Mighty - Koel $235

  3. Native Shoes - Women's Jericho $44.99 and made in BC!

  4. Bell - Silver (Neuaura) - $99

I know it's hard to think about cute flats with the recent instability of the weather here.  But a girl can dream! Oh and FYI, MooShoes just brought in a new line of Brooks.  I posted a while back on the Green Lightening shoe which I am still planning on splurging on when my shoes hit their max km mark.

Happy Easter!


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