Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The places I ate

I realize I have been MIA for a bit so I thought I would give you  just a quick recap of some of the places I dined this week.

First off, I am so thrilled that I finally got to try Noorish on Saturday night.  I had the treeo-of-life salad sampler and loved it all, but the kale salad was definitely my favourite. I also had a cranberry kombucha and a raw mint chocolate.  I went with my non-vegan friends, which while I am so happy they were willing to give it a try, may have defused the excitement a bit. I am a firm believer that vegans have different taste buds than non-vegans. We also sometimes have different opinions about spices too.  For example, I hate cilantro. Put it in salsa and I won't eat it. Regardless, a good time was had by all and I will definitely be going back.

Today at lunch I went to the buddhist temple (actually called Fo Guang Tea House) on 102 street for the first time too.  I am not a fan of mock meats so I may have made a bad ordering decision.  I also don't really like sticky rice. It's a texture thing, But if you are looking for a quick, $6 lunch in a bright basement hall this is your place. The people were so sweet so that is always a star in my books.

Have you been anywhere new this week or want to share your favourite spot/dish. Please leave a comment!


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