Sunday, 6 January 2013

Easing In

Here we are almost a week into 2013! I am not doing so great on the not swearing front but I am still diet pop free. Did you make a 2013 goal to be more active or sweat in a different way? If so, I hope you are doing great!

After a bout of bronchitis and 2 rounds of super antibiotics I am feeling much better and was able to move more this week. Here is how my week worked out (Sunday - Saturday):

Sunday - ran 9k
Monday - rest (after all... it was New Years Eve)
Tuesday - 1hr cross country ski, 60 minute candle light Moksha.
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 1 hour cardio circuit
Friday - 60 min walk
Saturday - 75 min hot yoga.

I have to tell you, when J asked me about the new lunch-hour classes I signed up for I kept joking around  that it was going to be "lady-robics" and I wasn't expecting much. Um.. hello aerobics/cross-fit superwoman instructor. It has been a long time since I did so many jumping jacks and skaters... my calves are still unhappy. It brought back painful memories of that time I went to aquacise with my mumsy and almost drowned from a dreaded side cramp.

Tomorrow I have buns n' bellies which I know sounds hilarious but after Thursday's class I am a little worried. Wish me and my 5lb hand weights luck.



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