Friday, 11 January 2013

Friday favourites


Hello Friday and hello Friday Favorites!  My friend Susan and I used to blog about our favourite finds from the week every Friday and I am excited to bring my own discoveries to you.  This week I am sharing a gem I discovered at the health store the other day while stocking up on vitamin D.  Simply Protein Chips!

I know these probably don't fall within my nutritionists less processed guidelines, but they are soy free with 15g of protein per bag! They are also gluten-free, vegan, all natural, kosher, and have less than 10 ingredients


Ingredients: Pea Protein (pea protein isolate, dehydrated potato flakes, potato starch, slat, calcium carbonate), Canola oil, natural cane sugar, and seasonings.

Pros: These Chili flavoured ones were probably a bit spicy for my 10 am coffee break and the texture was a bit different but they were crunchy, not overly powdery and packed with flavour. 

Cons: at $2.49 a bag these will have to be a special treat.  There is also a slight aftertaste but I did only try one flavour.

Other things I can't get enough of this week: Oscar Buzz, GT's Chai Kombucha, Endangered Species dark cherry chocolate and herbal chocolate chai tea.


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