Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Highs, Lows and Hills

Every Wednesday we have unit meetings first thing in the morning. We kick them off with a round table tradition of sharing our highs and lows.  It's funny because people think I always have horrible lows but I don't really - it's all part of the adventure.

Last week my low was I scraped the car on the side of our parkade.  This week my best friend moved to Calary and I broke the handle off the screen door because it was frozen shut.  I swear that someone might be following me around filming this for a new sit com.  But in the off-chance that my life isn't hitting prime time any time soon, I am happy to share the shenanigans with you.

Tonight I had to brave the -25 C weather and run hills. Mainly because I used my "get out of cold free" card last night when I skipped clinic (and -29 temps).

To be honest it wasn't horrible.  We ran 6km with 3x400m hill repeats.  If you haven't added hill repeats to your training yet, you really should. And I am not saying that because I enjoy it. I hate hills. I won't lie to you. But they are like strength training for your legs and secret weapons for lung capacity building.

And after you run them, you can come here and share your war stories. I promise to be empathetic.

Last night I bailed on my 6km run so I need to make it up on Friday.  I am trying to stay honest with my schedule to get the most out of the Run Project.  I am also thinking of marketing fake eyelashes that look like ice.  On second thought, I'm sure that has already been done at raves across the world.

Stay warm friends (and if it is warm where you are PLEASE send it my way)



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