Friday, 4 January 2013

Simplifying Skin Care

I have never had perfect skin. Since junior high I have constantly been trying new skin care regimens. They tend to work for a while but either stop working entirely, or have side effects that don't make it worthwhile.  When I was 18 I was actually on accutane for one cycle. It was horrible.  My lips cracked, my nose was terribly dry and wearing contacts was near to impossible.

Flash forward about 14 years (don't do that math!) and I am still on the search for my clear skin miracle.  I even splurged on a Clarisonic last year hoping it would be my saviour.  It wasn't.

So last month I decided to strip down my routine. I switched out medicated cleansers with plain $2 baby soap, I stopped using stripping toners, and  used a simple moisturizer.   And friends, it seems to be working.  By no means are things perfect, but I am having far fewer breakouts and my skin doesn't seem as thin (retinols can thin your skin and make it sun sensitive).

There are a couple of other changes I made that might be contributing: I started taking Maca pills, B-Complex vitamins, and 1000mg of vitamin C a day.

So, over the next few months I will see if this good skin trend continues. Oh and just so you know, the soap I switched too is Live Clean Baby (fragrance free).  Here are the details:

  • 99% Plant Ingredients

  • Petroleum Free

  • Preservative Free

  • Fragrance Free*

  • Hypoallergenic - Pediatrician Tested

Do you have a skin care regime? Did you ever take a less is better approach? I'd love to hear about it (maybe make some improvements to my skin care regimen).



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