Sunday, 13 January 2013

Weekly Workouts

I hope you are all enjoying this Sunday evening as we prep for a new week.  Last week's Easing In post I shared my weekly workouts.  I am going to make this a regular Sunday night task, mostly so I can log my own workouts and progress this year.

Monday, Jan 7  – Cycle Trainer 45 min
Tuesday, Jan 8 – 7km run
Wednesday, Jan 9  – Rest (it was supposed to be a yoga day but we had condo showings and I couldn't grab my gear. I went to Remedy for a vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookie instead)
Thursday, Jan 10 – 1 hour cardio circuit
Friday, Jan 11 – rest
Saturday, Jan 12 – 2 hr track session.
Sunday, Jan 13 - 7.5km run, 75 minute hot yoga class

Typically I end up taking 2 rest days a week or an active recovery day like a long walk.  Do you log your workouts? If so, how much detail do you include (i.e. heart rate, pace, etc.)

I am thinking of trying to add some sort of calendar feature so I can display them a bit better.  Ideas are welcome!



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