Friday, 18 January 2013

Yoga Beat

I set a reminder in my calendar that I should do a Friday Favourite post yesterday, but in all honesty nothing last week was particularly new. I am going to get Photoshop today though, and that will open up a whole new world of collages and maybe a new header.


Last night however, I had an amazing yoga experience.  I went to the Yoga Loft for the drum class.  No music, very little instruction and the rhythm of drums.  It was intriguing and the class was rather advanced. It's not every day you see people who can a) do the splits and b) rest their head on their front leg while in the splits.  Humbling.  We also dis side twists while in pigeon pose which I have never done before.  I felt awkward and stiff and old haha.


Class ended at 7:30 and we were famished so we headed downstairs to Under the High Wheel.  I ordered the vegan crepe.  It was one of the best meals out I have had in a while. Basically it was a simple vegan buckwheat crepe stuffed with roasted yam, squash and red peppers with a red pepper sauce.  I want to go back today.

Both the yoga studio and restaurant are located in Roots on Whyte, a relatively new concept building in Edmonton that has space dedicated to wellness practitioners, an organic hair salon, organic grocer and deli and a health store.  In our house search, I actually mentioned to the realtor that I would like to be able to walk there.  Edmonton needs more spaces like this. Immediately.

Well... it's 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning which means I am leaving for a track workout in half an hour.  I promise this will all be worth it in the end : )

What are your plans today?
Have you ever been to drum yoga? Did you love it??

Talk later!



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