Friday, 8 February 2013

Big News Week

So the week has been short on posts but I have a few things to recap!

  1. I returned the Kinvara Trails for Kinvara 3s and spent most of Monday and Tuesday wearing compression sleeves to try to ease my calf pain. Fingers crossed! I think they are on the way to recovery.
  2. I have decided to do my first EVER duathlon in June. More on that tomorrow.
  3. We have an offer pending on the condo. YAY!!!!!!
  4. We are going to Seattle in 3 weeks.
  5. J did really well on his first week vegan.  

It has been such a busy week and it seemed to fly by with a series of major highs and lows (we missed out on getting an offer on a beautiful quirky 50's style home).

Here is to a week of relaxation, workouts and catching up with friends.



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