Friday, 22 February 2013

Countdown to vacation

In one week we will be flying to Seattle. Thank goodness! We haven't taken time off since November so even a day and a half tacked on to a weekend seems like a gift.  side note: I am also already counting down the weeks until Easter and the 4 day weekend!

Things I look forward to on our trip include:

  • The Seattle Hot Chocolate Run (running on cement and not slush and snow!)

  • Whole Foods!

  • Vegan food

  • Vegetarian Sushi

  • Shopping!!

  • AND... Welcoming in 30 years for J 😄

This week my sister flew to Arizona with her family to spend some time with my parents.  Unfortunately they brought pink eye with them. Ahh the joys of having two toddlers right? Regardless, I am jealous that they are having a family vacation sans me and J.

Today marks a day of remembering a wonderful woman.  My Gran passed away two years ago today, and I still miss her.  When we got the news, I flew to Scotland to meet my dad there for her funeral. During the 18 months I lived in Edinburgh I got to know my Grandma as an adult. Something I will always treasure.   When we cleaned out her house, I took home a little tiny journal with me that documented the first time she met me.  I hope that someday I will at least show half of her wonderful qualities.

Scan 8

So I am sorry that this is a mopey post. It really has been a busy week full of very exciting changes and of course, the house hunt continues.  Oh and my bestie is coming up from Calgary tomorrow to spend the day with me!

TGIF! Does anyone else feel like Spring is coming??


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