Saturday, 16 February 2013

Long Weekend!!

Ahhh three days off. I have been waiting for this long weekend all month! As an added bonus, our track workout today was rescheduled so I slept in (until 7... but the body feels so much more rested when you don't get jolted by an alarm clock).

This weekend we are celebrating the sale of our condo! The real house hunting begins because we need to be out by April 15.  Last night we went to look at one house but it was over-priced and had too much wood panelling for our liking.  We are however, becoming more forgiving on our list of must-haves. For example:

  • The kitchen doesn't need to be brand new. Just clean and bright.
  • We can do one and a 1/2 bathrooms.
  • The basement might not be perfect - but it would be nice if it wasn't painted Oiler's blue.
  • Armoires might need to replace closet space in these little 1950's homes.
  • Don't judge a house by it's paint colours... we may not be handy but we can paint. 

Today I am actually taking a volunteer shift from 7-11 to help out at the charity casino event for the Ronald McDonald House.  I am officially a "chip runner".  I suspect that it is going to be a tiring day so I am holding off on a run until later.  Besides, isn't that what holiday Mondays are for??

What are your plans for the long weekend??

Family time? Long runs? Maybe some kitchen experiments?? 



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