Sunday, 3 February 2013

Weekly Workouts

Recapping of this week:

Monday, Jan 28  – Buns & Bellies class (55min)
Tuesday, Jan 29 –  60 minute spin on the trainer (avg HR: 124)
Wednesday, Jan 30  – Run + 3 hills
Thursday, Jan 31 – Cardio Circuit class (55 min - it included a bit too many burpees for my liking)
Friday, Feb 1 – 8k on the treadmill (avg HR: 150)
Saturday, Feb 2 – 2hr track workout
Sunday, Feb 3- 8k long slow distance (avg HR: 157 - too high for LSD!)

Checking in on last weeks goals:

  • Moving down to 1 cup of coffee a day - Still not there yet.

  • Fitting in all my runs this week - I missed one because it was like -35!!

  • Foam rolling 1/day - I had a minor set back due to my very sore calves.

  • Planning my lunches - ✔ (yes - although I did have a clif bar and pretzels one day because I was running late).

New Goals!

  • Monitor my heart rate closely this week and try to stay in my training zones.  Me and J are going to check our HRs every morning to get an accurate resting avg. this week. We are so exciting 😀

  • Get my race schedule in order. Post March I plan to begin to add on distance. Probably mostly half marathons again, but I am toying with the idea of a 35k trail run in September.  Feel free to suggest a race!

Happy Sunday!



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