Sunday, 10 February 2013

Weekly Workouts

Recapping this week:

Monday, Feb 4  – OFF (except for a 7km walk to the running room to buy compression socks for my sore calves)
Tuesday, Feb 4 –  Tempo run (avg HR: 156)
Wednesday, Feb 6  – Rest day
Thursday, Feb 7 – Cardio Circuit class
Friday, Feb 8  –40 min interval spin on the trainer
Saturday, Feb 9 – 2hr track workout, 75 min hot yoga
Sunday, Feb 10 - 10k long slow distance (avg HR: 151 - getting better)

Checking in on last weeks goals:

  • Moving down to 1 cup of coffee a day - Umm we might need to revisit this one.  How much caffeine could fit in a tassimo pod anyway?

  • Fitting in all my runs this week - I missed one because we had a realtor appointment.

  • Foam rolling 1/day -  ✔ Ask me about foam rolling your triceps. Or don't. I don't want hate mail.

  • Planning my lunches - ✔

New Goals!

  • Added the lake summerside duathlon in June and the Canada day 15k in July!

  • Office run club is starting soon.

Happy Sunday! Who is watching the grammys tonight?? Me and my foam roller might.



  1. there is a ton of motivation there... I need to get off my tush. Thanks for posting your workouts you have given me some ideas

  2. Thanks! I hope it begins to look more like a training journey and less like random workouts : )

  3. well keeping it random might actually bennifit you lol

  4. Great job and I DO want to hear about foam rolling triceps!

  5. Haha basically you place the roller under your tricep and roll back and forth AND side to side (the call it crushing it). It is pretty uncomfortable but probably worth it. I suspect if you have more defined tris - i.e. you work them harder - it might hurt more. Try it!


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