Sunday, 24 February 2013

Weekly Workouts

I am calling this a reset week. A week when you take a step back, evaluate your recent workouts, heart rate data, and how you felt during the week.  It was also a really busy week at work so when plans got sidetracked I just went with it.

Monday, Feb 18  – 70 minute ride (with 2x8min threshold tests)
Tuesday, Feb 19 –  OFF - traveled to Calgary
Wednesday, Feb 20 – OFF
Thursday, Feb 21 – 60 minutes on trainer (Gayley ride on TrainerRoad - avg HR: 136)
Friday, Feb 22  – OFF
Saturday, Feb 23 – 1.5 hr track session, ColdestNight Walk
Sunday, Feb 24 - 9k long slow distance (avg HR: 142 - Finally!)

So yes, I took 3 rest days this week but all of my workouts were higher quality.  I was sad to miss hill training on Wednesday but I worked really late and had a bad day for eating so squeezing them in didn't make sense.

So this week things are back on track with my run group. I should get in a Tue and Wed run and 1-2 rides before we leave on our mini vacation.



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