Thursday, 29 August 2013

Birth Plan

I think I mentioned that we met with our Doula last week to discuss our birth plan.  While it still seems far away (55 days!) she did have a few questions that left us stumped in a "we haven't even thought of that" kind of way.

Here are the major points of our birth plan (so far):

  1. who is going to be in the delivery room: me, J (my husband), and our Doula.
  2. I hope to have a vaginal birth.
  3. I would prefer to use natural methods of induction if needed (mostly because I have been told that Pitocin causes even more intense contractions which scares me)
  4. I am bringing my exercise ball with me and our Doula is bringing a birthing stool.
  5. I plan to start with no pain meds and progress to laughing gas and judge from there.
  6. I am terrified of tearing and one of my questions for my next appointment with my Ob/Gyn is to ask what methods she uses to prevent tearing (i.e. warm cloths).
  7. On most points (vacuum, suction, c-section, etc.) I am leaving it up to my Ob's discretion. I trust her and I know her stance on c-sections so I feel like any interventions will be done in our best interest.
  8. Apparently J does want to cut the cord (after delayed clamping).
  9. Visitors will be welcome after my (our) first successful latch.
  10. I plan on trying to breastfeed (see #9). 
I have also been thinking about really important things like what will I want to wear? How should I do wear my hair? Maybe I should get bangs lol. Will I be able to have snacks? 

Our Doula also raised questions like are you going to make a playlist? Do you want pictures taken? 

Wow so much to consider! I find this article on what to pack in your hospital bag really useful. 

Did you have a birth plan? How did you navigate unexpected changes in your plan? 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

For about 3 weeks now I have had pretty bad rib pain on my right side. After a couple of google searches I chalked it up to pregnancy pains but it continued to get worse.  Last week at my Ob/Gyn appointment I brought it up with her and she suggested it might be bruising but by Thursday the pain was unbearable while sitting at my desk.  I mentioned it to my yoga teacher and she said it might be worth getting a second opinion so I booked an appointment with a new chiropractor's office near our house.

I have been to the chiropractor a couple of times before. My most recent visit was last year after I was hit by a car running. The time before that I had fallen off my bike on a downhill track.  But this time I was nervous.  Probably for the baby and because you aren't really quite sure how your pregnant body will respond.

The Dr. was very nice and took his time to go through all my aches an pains - including my restless legs which he thought may be related to some nerve compression in my sacrum.  I also learned I had 3 ribs out of place (2 in my back and one in my chest).  The pain immediately lessened after the adjustment but crept back up over the weekend.

Today I went back for round two: sacrum, 2 ribs and my neck, which I think is probably related to how I roll over in bed now. It feels a little achey after but I suspect that is normal.

The good news:

  • My balance is still really strong which I attribute to yoga.
  • I don't have a huge lower back curve and I was afraid I might because my old running coach was always telling me to "stop spilling my guts".  Great posture is not my strength. 
  • My legs are the same length (not sure why that is important but I think it probably means good things for running).
If you want to learn more about chiropractic care in pregnancy here are a few sites I found 


A couple of additional thoughts:
If you feel overly fearful of going to see a chiropractor in pregnancy it may not be worth it for you. Always do what you feel comfortable with.  For example, I hate massages but I bought into the idea that it would somehow be an amazing experience during pregnancy. I was uncomfortable, I hate ambient music and the baby moved non stop because I was lying down.

Did you see a chiropractor during pregnancy? 
Did it help with aches and pains? 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

60 Days Left

It has been a busy couple of weeks. My parents were here to visit for 5 days, we had our first visit with our Doula and I officially have 5 weeks left of work which is both exciting and stressful!

While my mom and dad were here they did two amazing things for us: brought out all my nephews baby clothes and bought and set up our crib!

The nursery is slowly coming together!  I am still looking for a mobile similar to the one below that doesn't cost almost $100.  I might actually make one based on a scrapbook paper design I found earlier today.

W's Nursery Inspiration

W's Nursery Inspiration by lindsey-graham featuring modern decor

The poster in the picture was also inspiration for a canvas my friend painted for us. I will post pictures once it all comes together.

Here are a few other pregnancy related topics I will touch on in the coming weeks:
  • Placenta encapsulation (still on the fence on this one).
  • Chiropractic care during pregnancy.  I went for the first time this week and waited far too long to go.
  • Our birth plan (or lack there of).
  • Making a post-natal meal plan.
Hope you are enjoying these last few weeks before school starts, the roads get busier and things just start to move faster.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

31 weeks!

There are now 70 days left until we welcome baby A! 70 days does not seem like a lot of time does it?

I have noticed this week that I am much more tired.  It is hard to get out of bed and at night I am back to wanting to lie on the couch reminiscent of the first trimester.  The weird thing is because of the stomach compression I am not really hungry.

We are now at bi-weekly appointments with the Ob/Gyn as well, which signals that we are truly on the home stretch.

Things that are different in the 3rd trimester:

  •  It is getting harder to breather as the baby grows and my diaphragm and lungs get pushed up.
  • I don't have any cravings - in fact the nausea is back a bit so I am back to pretty plain food.
  • No heartburn, which according to old wives tales means our baby shouldn't have too much hair hehe.
  • My bras no longer fit at all. I am tired of buying new ones!
  • Little veins are starting to appear on my legs and back.
Exercise in the 3rd trimester:
I have officially stopped running for now. I was getting really odd pain in my hips when I sat down to stretch.  I am going to try to start getting in some swimming I think. 

My parents are arriving today for a visit.  They are bringing all my sisters baby stuff from Winnipeg so it will be a weekend of nesting and organizing the baby's room.

Saturday, 10 August 2013


This week we were on vacation (yay!).  We haven't had a week off since November so we could hardly wait for some time off to relax and reboot.

I had a prenatal appt. on Wednesday am so we waited until the afternoon to drive out to Canmore. From our house that is about a 3.5 hr drive.  Note: sitting in a car for that long does get pretty uncomfortable when you are 30 weeks pregnant!

Wednesday night we headed straight into Banff to catch Feist perform at the Banff Centre.  It really is an amazing venue under the ampitheatre with the mountains as your drop back and sound board. Thursday we drove out to Lake Louise to do a short day hike.  We ended up hiking up from Chateau Lake Louise to Lake Agnes.  It was about 7 km return with an elevation gain of 1,200 ft.

I won't lie, I was a little grumpy at first because you tend to suck air more when your lungs are compressed by a little bean.  The view at the top and the chai latte were well worth it. There is a small tea house that serves soup, baked goods, and over 100 types of tea.  The staff hike in supplies and hike down the garbage every day. That is one way to get in your daily workout!

Post hike we went into Banff for lunch at Wild Flour Bakery.  I had delicious apricot soup and beet salad.  Before heading back to Canmore we stopped at Lululemon and I nabbed this new cool racerback tank:

Isn't it so pretty!!

Once we got back I had a nap/bath and we went out for Indian for dinner at the Spice Hut in Canmore. I had the Vegi Vindaloo (medium spice) and my was it spicy! I also ran into Rocky Mountain soap co. quickly and picked up the Belly Butter and some hand lotion.  

While I was browsing I was smelling all the aromatherapy roll-ons when the sweet store clerk came over to tell me that some of the scents weren't recommended during pregnancy. Oops!! I swear I learn something new everyday of this journey. 

We are back home now prepping for my parents visit this week.  It feels really weird to be going back to work for just 7 weeks. Weird and scary and exciting all at once!!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Pregnancy Resentment

Can we take a moment to discuss something that has been bothering me for the past two months or so. It is probably going to sound selfish because I really should be thinking of the baby first, but there are a lot of things I really miss.

I miss riding my bike down steep downhills and ripping through the trails. I miss meeting up with my running group 4 times a week. Yes I know I can still run, but I am slower and it makes me irritable to I have given in to the fact that I won't be one of those running mama's who completes a marathon at week 30.

I resent the fact that my husbands body hasn't changed and neither has his pace. I resent the fact that 5 of my friends took part in a team ultra and I couldn't go.  I am sad that I can't run the Edmonton 1/2 this August.

I had to tone back my exercise partly because the calorie needs of keeping up with my activity level while nourishing this growing miracle overwhelmed me.  The tiredness and sickness during weeks 7-13 also set me back enough to not be able to keep up with my group.

I am not sure if this is normal. This feeling of loss and reminiscing about last summer and all the training and racing.  I hold onto the hope that it is temporary, and although training and racing won't be as easy post baby, it wills certainly still be possible.

For now I am goal setting and making 'make believe' race calendars for 2014.  Driven by the amazing fact that at the finish line I (we) will have a new supporter.  And if that is not motivation I don't know what is.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Car Debate

We own a 2009 Dodge Caliber. She is not a fancy car but she gets us from point A to point B, has taken a few trips to the mountains, and has suited our needs just fine for the past four years. But there is one thing that she can't seem to accommodate - the infant car seat.

What I thought was a roomy back seat...

Our Gigantic Car Seat

We tried everything to get that seat in there, rear facing, with enough space from the front seat. The result = I can't get in the front seat and if I can I am sure there are rules about how far you should be from the windshield. At the moment we have the rear bench seat declined, car seat in the middle resulting in an "It Fits!" position that I am not overly comfortable with. For one, our space for toting stuff home is reduced about 35%.

So here we are, almost one year married with a new house, baby on the way and contemplating a new car. J calls it the trifecta. Maybe we can make it work. Maybe I am overestimating how many big trips we will make in those months of rear facing car riding. Am I insane to think that not getting a bigger, safer, more luxurious ride for baby A somehow makes me a bad parent??

Did you make your car work?
Did trying to install the car seat lead to your first big pregnancy meltdown :)

Saturday, 3 August 2013

81 Days

81 days (give or take) is how long we have left on this pregnancy journey. Slowly, we are starting to assemble all the goods needed to stock a nursery.  It feels so close now and I am already quite impatient.  Impatient and nervous.

I wonder who he will look like, if he will be calm or rambunctious like my nephew, if he will like to be swaddled. I pray for his health and worry about his safety already.  I have become a horrendous, jumpy backseat driver and I get anxious when I don't feel him moving.  I worry about my mood post pregnancy and how I (we) will cope.

At the same time, I don't want it all to pass too quickly. We are pretty certain we will be a one child family, so I am trying to treasure all the moments.  We need more pictures, more moments, more time to prepare for this gift.

Over these last 11 weeks I will muddle through what to do for our birth plan, share the first meeting with our doula and hopefully we will land somewhere on the to encapsulate or not encapsulate question.

Thank you for visiting! I look forward to sharing.