Tuesday, 13 August 2013

31 weeks!

There are now 70 days left until we welcome baby A! 70 days does not seem like a lot of time does it?

I have noticed this week that I am much more tired.  It is hard to get out of bed and at night I am back to wanting to lie on the couch reminiscent of the first trimester.  The weird thing is because of the stomach compression I am not really hungry.

We are now at bi-weekly appointments with the Ob/Gyn as well, which signals that we are truly on the home stretch.

Things that are different in the 3rd trimester:

  •  It is getting harder to breather as the baby grows and my diaphragm and lungs get pushed up.
  • I don't have any cravings - in fact the nausea is back a bit so I am back to pretty plain food.
  • No heartburn, which according to old wives tales means our baby shouldn't have too much hair hehe.
  • My bras no longer fit at all. I am tired of buying new ones!
  • Little veins are starting to appear on my legs and back.
Exercise in the 3rd trimester:
I have officially stopped running for now. I was getting really odd pain in my hips when I sat down to stretch.  I am going to try to start getting in some swimming I think. 

My parents are arriving today for a visit.  They are bringing all my sisters baby stuff from Winnipeg so it will be a weekend of nesting and organizing the baby's room.


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