Saturday, 24 August 2013

60 Days Left

It has been a busy couple of weeks. My parents were here to visit for 5 days, we had our first visit with our Doula and I officially have 5 weeks left of work which is both exciting and stressful!

While my mom and dad were here they did two amazing things for us: brought out all my nephews baby clothes and bought and set up our crib!

The nursery is slowly coming together!  I am still looking for a mobile similar to the one below that doesn't cost almost $100.  I might actually make one based on a scrapbook paper design I found earlier today.

W's Nursery Inspiration

W's Nursery Inspiration by lindsey-graham featuring modern decor

The poster in the picture was also inspiration for a canvas my friend painted for us. I will post pictures once it all comes together.

Here are a few other pregnancy related topics I will touch on in the coming weeks:
  • Placenta encapsulation (still on the fence on this one).
  • Chiropractic care during pregnancy.  I went for the first time this week and waited far too long to go.
  • Our birth plan (or lack there of).
  • Making a post-natal meal plan.
Hope you are enjoying these last few weeks before school starts, the roads get busier and things just start to move faster.



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