Saturday, 3 August 2013

81 Days

81 days (give or take) is how long we have left on this pregnancy journey. Slowly, we are starting to assemble all the goods needed to stock a nursery.  It feels so close now and I am already quite impatient.  Impatient and nervous.

I wonder who he will look like, if he will be calm or rambunctious like my nephew, if he will like to be swaddled. I pray for his health and worry about his safety already.  I have become a horrendous, jumpy backseat driver and I get anxious when I don't feel him moving.  I worry about my mood post pregnancy and how I (we) will cope.

At the same time, I don't want it all to pass too quickly. We are pretty certain we will be a one child family, so I am trying to treasure all the moments.  We need more pictures, more moments, more time to prepare for this gift.

Over these last 11 weeks I will muddle through what to do for our birth plan, share the first meeting with our doula and hopefully we will land somewhere on the to encapsulate or not encapsulate question.

Thank you for visiting! I look forward to sharing.


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