Thursday, 29 August 2013

Birth Plan

I think I mentioned that we met with our Doula last week to discuss our birth plan.  While it still seems far away (55 days!) she did have a few questions that left us stumped in a "we haven't even thought of that" kind of way.

Here are the major points of our birth plan (so far):

  1. who is going to be in the delivery room: me, J (my husband), and our Doula.
  2. I hope to have a vaginal birth.
  3. I would prefer to use natural methods of induction if needed (mostly because I have been told that Pitocin causes even more intense contractions which scares me)
  4. I am bringing my exercise ball with me and our Doula is bringing a birthing stool.
  5. I plan to start with no pain meds and progress to laughing gas and judge from there.
  6. I am terrified of tearing and one of my questions for my next appointment with my Ob/Gyn is to ask what methods she uses to prevent tearing (i.e. warm cloths).
  7. On most points (vacuum, suction, c-section, etc.) I am leaving it up to my Ob's discretion. I trust her and I know her stance on c-sections so I feel like any interventions will be done in our best interest.
  8. Apparently J does want to cut the cord (after delayed clamping).
  9. Visitors will be welcome after my (our) first successful latch.
  10. I plan on trying to breastfeed (see #9). 
I have also been thinking about really important things like what will I want to wear? How should I do wear my hair? Maybe I should get bangs lol. Will I be able to have snacks? 

Our Doula also raised questions like are you going to make a playlist? Do you want pictures taken? 

Wow so much to consider! I find this article on what to pack in your hospital bag really useful. 

Did you have a birth plan? How did you navigate unexpected changes in your plan? 


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