Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Car Debate

We own a 2009 Dodge Caliber. She is not a fancy car but she gets us from point A to point B, has taken a few trips to the mountains, and has suited our needs just fine for the past four years. But there is one thing that she can't seem to accommodate - the infant car seat.

What I thought was a roomy back seat...

Our Gigantic Car Seat

We tried everything to get that seat in there, rear facing, with enough space from the front seat. The result = I can't get in the front seat and if I can I am sure there are rules about how far you should be from the windshield. At the moment we have the rear bench seat declined, car seat in the middle resulting in an "It Fits!" position that I am not overly comfortable with. For one, our space for toting stuff home is reduced about 35%.

So here we are, almost one year married with a new house, baby on the way and contemplating a new car. J calls it the trifecta. Maybe we can make it work. Maybe I am overestimating how many big trips we will make in those months of rear facing car riding. Am I insane to think that not getting a bigger, safer, more luxurious ride for baby A somehow makes me a bad parent??

Did you make your car work?
Did trying to install the car seat lead to your first big pregnancy meltdown :)


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