Friday, 4 October 2013

False Labour or Flu?

So Tuesday night turned out to be quite eventful. After giving my last work presentation that morning I grabbed a soy latte at starbucks, picked up a couple of things at the store and headed home.  Nothing else too unusual that afternoon except typing up presentation notes and exchanging a few emails.

J got home, we ate dinner and I went to the living room to watch New Girl and the Mindy Project. By 7pm I was in intense pain.  No position gave comfort and it was constant tightening of my uterus (not contractions but something was wrong).

I kept telling J I was in a lot of pain and went upstairs to try to lie down. Then I got really worried. It was so painful I felt like my entire insides might burst.  I asked J to call our Doula and she suggested trying a bath.  15 minutes later it had only worsened so we decided to head into the hospital.

The car ride there was awful.  I felt every bump and by the time we got to the parking lot of the hospital I wanted to crawl inside. We headed up to the 4th floor (admitting & assessment) and they took me in right away.

The nurses were lovely and kept asking if I thought I was in labour and I said no, I think something is wrong.  They put me on the monitor right away and baby was fine and I was having some weird sort of contractions.  Weird as in really high up, spreading to the sides but not like period cramps.

Within 30 minuted my blood pressure dropped really low and they started an IV and then I started to get sick.  They checked my cervix and I wasn't dilated at all so they said it may have been the low BP. It wasn't. It was a horrible 24 hr flu bug that caused dehydration of my uterus which made it very irritated.

The only other thing that I think could have played a role was an aloe juice I had that afternoon.  I did some reading/research yesterday and found this on Mayo Clinic:

Taking aloe by mouth is not recommended due to theoretical stimulation of uterine contractions. It is not known whether active ingredients of aloe may be present in breast milk. The dried juice of aloe leaves should not be consumed by breastfeeding mothers.
That is pretty scary! After a day of recovery, gatorade and sleep I am feeling much better although I can tell things are still a bit sensitive.  From here on in i am sticking to tried and tested foods and beverages.  I am just very thankful that our little bean is A-OK.

Less than 3 weeks left!


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