Monday, 11 November 2013

He has arrived!

Baby Weston finally arrived on Monday November 4th, 12 days late but well worth the wait.  I don't actually have words to accurately describe this first week of new life in our home.  There have been highs and lows, but mostly shared awe at how wonderful this little man is. There are many moments in the day that I look down and think how did this little miracle grow inside of me? 

This first post I will share his birth story and then we can recap all the details of this first week... the feedings, the sleep, the healing and the new man in my life.  

Birth Story


With Weston being quite late, I was scheduled to go in for induction on November 1. That got pushed to the 2nd of November, and so began the 55 hr journey to his birth.  I had one 24 hr round of Cervidil with little progression and returned to assessment at 9 am on Sunday for the second round.  After we were released we went to the mall to walk for a bit, following the nurses advice that "gravity would be my best friend".

That evening there were small signs of hope that this baby might come naturally so I went to bed feeling hopeful. At 12am I woke up and sat straight up in bed with one thought: "oh that is what a contraction feels like!". For seven hours they contractions came in seven to ten minute intervals. I didn't wake J because I thought there wouldn't be much he could do at that point.  By the morning however he found me downstairs by the tv on my hands and knees ; )

We went into assessment again after a shower and coffee stop to find I had actually dilated to 3-4 cm.  Progress!! We were given the choice to try another round of Cervidil or move onto an Oxy drip to hasten contractions. I took the latter as I don't think my body would have taken another 24 hr stint and still had the ability and energy to labour. 

I was allowed to eat something small before the drip so J went and got me a bagel then we moved onto step two. The drip brought on contractions almost right away in 4-5 minute intervals. It was unpleasant and I started to think about pain relief. A few minutes later the attending physician came and looked at the charts and said they were going to break my water. This was not in our birth plan, J was out grabbing lunch and our doula hadn't arrived yet so I felt a little alone at this point in the process. 

I was moved quickly to Labour and Delivery and within minutes the Dr. had broke my water.  By the time J came back I was in a new room, my water was broken and contractions were coming fast and fierce.  That is when I lost my breakfast, got really dizzy and realized I wasn't going to be able to do it drug free.  In hindsight, the Doula told us that all the interventions came so quickly that my body had no time to adapt.  

After the epidural, pain began to subside for about an hour and then I felt pressure.  Lots of pressure. I asked the nurse what I should be feeling because I thought the Epi would take all the pain away. It wasn't horrible, but my instincts told me it wasn't quite normal.  She called a resident in to come check me and I was fully dilated and baby was right there. I was told I could start pushing when I was ready. 

Right away I started trying. It is a very foreign process this "pushing". We quickly found that I couldn't push on my back because babies HR dropped too much so I had to lie on my side. Between each contraction I had to switch sides so they could find the HR again. It was uncomfortable and a bit stressful.  J helped by counting to 10 for each push (3 pushes per contraction), but as I got more irritated I needed the counting in my ear to stop.  He then took on the role of water bottle holder.  I imagine it is quite hard to be the partner in those cases because how can you really soothe someone in that state : )

An hour and a half in I asked my doula if I could take a break but was told no because it would erase all the hard work.  With that news it clicked in me that I had to get him out before I got more tired. 20 minutes later they were telling me to stop because he was right there (and there were no Dr's in the room). This is the funny point where I said (yelled) "No, he's coming out". The rest is a blur of delivery, Dr's and nurses, his loud loud cry and them placing his warm, wriggly body on me.  Immediately I said how big is he! He is so heavy!!

He was 8lb 9oz on his birthday and 21 inches long. He is my sweet, sweet boy and we couldn't be happier. Every day I tell him he was born to do great things and I can't wait to help him along the way.


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