Thursday, 21 November 2013

My New Mommy Wardrobe

The first two weeks (and a bit) at home with a new-born are a challenge for more than a number of reasons.  For one, you are a different size - you don't really fit your maternity clothes but your old clothes just don't work.  This is due in part to your newly well endowed chest (in my case anyway) and your still swollen tummy.

Don't worry, over the first 2-3 weeks you will begin to see glimpses of your old self in the mirror. In the meantime, you need comfy clothes. Clothes that you can go to a coffee shop in for your first big outing or run to the drugstore for more breastpads and lanolin cream.

Here are a few items that have been lifesavers for me. Most days I try to get dressed to maintain my sanity, and still look somewhat put together (or in most cases like I just left a yoga class).

  1. A nursing tank - I now have 3 from target and they are lifesavers!

  2. An open cardigan or sweater for easy nursing access - I love this old navy one.

  3. Lululemon Wonder Unders - a bit more dressed up than leggings at least

  4. Knee socks - I wear these under my boots if I run out on an errand and for extra coziness around the house.

  5. A great baby bag - I have this Skip Hop one and it has replaced my handbag.

Did you have a postpartum uniform that you lived in for the first couple of weeks?
What are your go to comfy clothes??



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