Thursday, 28 November 2013

Postpartum week 3


Weston had his three-week check up yesterday. They weighed and measured him and did a general run through of things like how are his diapers, how is he feeding, how is he sleeping etc.


Since our last weight check at the health centre he has gained a whopping 1.5 lbs. 16% weight gain! I guess the BF'ing is working. It was a relief because I have been worrying (like mothers do) that I didn't have enough milk or he wasn't feeding long enough. Just to recap, the first nurse we saw in the hospital said he didn't have a good latch and I would have to work on it. The second nurse that came to our home told me that he needed to eat longer and on both sides. And finally, yesterday his pediatrician told me I should feed him LESS because he is gaining so quickly.

After a call to my mom and sister they reassured me that mom knows best and to go with my gut.  When I cut down his feedings I don't believe he is getting the hind milk (as evidenced by his diapers) so I am not going to do that for now.


We hit a rocky 3 week growth spurt on Tuesday and things are just starting to settle down. He fed non-stop and was so fussy I shed a few tears trying to calm him down a few times. Needless to say, sleep has been all over the place.  There are some new highlights though. He has slept in his crib twice now for 2 and 3 hour time spans. Yay for moving to the big boy crib for naps! I also found the 3 swaddle blankets he actually likes. They are his anais anais ones (the boy has expensive taste).

Diaper Rash

Weston has developed a mean case of diaper rash. I am beginning to think it is from his Kirkland wipes. Despite hearing rave reviews, after further research I discovered here are some nasty ingredients in the new formula. Formaldehyde being one of them. On our to do list tomorrow is a trip to pick up new wipes. I am thinking we will try a sensitive skin brand of some sort and see if this angry redness will begin to clear up. Poor little guy :(


At three and a half weeks postpartum I am pretty much back to pre-pregnancy size except for about an inch round my abdomen. I am chalking this up to genetics and a quite active pregnancy.  Breastfeeding has also played a role in tightening my uterus back up.  I will tell you that I have a lot of work to do to get back some muscle tone. My arms are weak and my core strength leaves much to be desired. I have been doing mini core workouts (planks, leg slides, bridges).  Next week (4 weeks PP) will mark my return to light exercise. I even charged my garmin in hopes that I can go on a mini run or brisk walk.

I cannot believe we are close to the 4 week mark. It is true that time goes so quickly with a wee one. I am trying my hardest to cherish every moment. Even the fits of tears when he is really saying "mommy I need you". I don't think he knows yet just how much I need him too :)



  1. Awesome! I am pretty much with you postpartum body. I began exercising again at 3 weeks. But I'm avoiding the weight lifting until after 6 wks. With the sleep habits, I always found the things I was told not to do always worked best.

  2. I did the Tracy Anderson post parting DVD today just to see where things are and the ab work felt intense but good. I can't wait to run though. I'm just scared to see how much speed I've lost : )

  3. As Nike says, just do it!! I was surprised at my endurance. However, my ab workouts felt weird too.


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