Saturday, 21 December 2013

Back in the saddle!

Weston will be 7 weeks old on Monday. We marked his 6 week milestone with a major event: mommy riding her bike on the trainer.


I think I mentioned in a previous post (like MONTHS ago) that I use trainer road for my at home cycling workouts.  Last year before we found out the amazing news that we were expecting, I had been training for my first triathlon. I started to do trainer road workouts mostly for the motivation and the virtual power feature. If you have a road bike and a trainer and some sort of Garmin ant+ product you have to try this!

I road a total of 75 minutes but that was broken up into two block (23 minutes until Westie woke up, and the remainder later when J got home).  My tush is a bit sore despite the padded shorts, my lower back is fatigued and my neck is a bit sore but other than that it felt wonderful!

I am working on a training schedule for 2014. I know I will be leading a run group on Sunday morning and I also will be taking part in a one month challenge of 4 hours a week of HIIT classes (more on that later).  We also bought a used BOB stroller that I can't wait to take the little man out in once he has the head control needed.

What are your 2014 fitness goals?
Do you use any at home training tools to help motivate you or keep you on track?



  1. Just to keep cycling as many days as possible to work, groceries, etc. And some trips. We're car-free --last 3 decades for me, 22 yrs. as cyclist.


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