Monday, 2 December 2013

Fussy Mornings Bring Sleepy Nights

Yesterday was a rough day. Weston was fussy from about 10 to 2, slept for an hour and then fussed from 3 until 7 pm. It was hard on all of us. J was upset because he wouldn't take a bottle from him, which led to three hours of cluster feeding and comfort nursing. after 7 me and Weston both fell asleep exhausted and he didn't wake again until midnight. longest sleep stretch yet!

I will admit I was at my wits end, which leads me to my first aha moment of many: just because you baby doesn't fall into the perfect baby description you read about in all those prenatal books doesn't mean there is something wrong with him/her.

don't get me wrong. if your angel baby has text-book three-hour feedings day and night that is wonderful! if your baby has a cluster feeding block every day and you nurse on demand that is also wondeful. You are teaching him security and trust and that he can be comforted by you.

I think that over the past 4 weeks our biggest challenge has been letting go of how we thought our baby should be and embracing who he is. here are some ways I would describe our little man:

  • He gets overstimulated. too much talking, movement lights and sounds makes him on edge. I think he gets this from me. quiet yoga rooms and solitary running paths are my bliss.

  • He cluster feeds. I wanted him to eat on a schedule I really did. within three days I realized I needed to listen to and learn his rhythm.

  • He will have one good stretch of sleep at night (3-4 hours) followed by a few one or two-hour blocks. It helps to see the longer stretch as a gift.

  • He will take a 5-10 minute break during feedings. I have assumed he was finished feeding a few times and couldn't understand why he was hungry again. I now think this is more a continued feeding than feeling frustrated about why he is "eating again!!".

Did you feel frustrated by all the baby myths when you first brought your little one home?


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