Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Getting Back to Exercise Post Baby

This is week 5 postpartum and I am so very happy to see exercise on the horizon! Normally, exercise is just a normal part of me and J's everyday lives but the arrival of our little fellow has forever changed that. Exercise will still be a family priority but we are negotiating new ways of fitting it in and compromising some goals in favour of others.

We also need to reach agreements on who does what when and how we can make sure that happen for one another. For example, we are thinking that it would make sense for Jay to run from home from work because a) it saves some change on transit b) it is probably faster than the bus and c) he can de-stress on the way home so he is ready to help out after our long day at home.

Here are some tips on what I think you need to make exercise happen postpartum:

A support system - can your partner watch the baby while you get out of the house for an hour? Can your parents babysit while you go for a run? These people will be vital in ensuring you get back to activity and have some moments just for you.

At home options - a treadmill would be really awesome right now but there are a number of other things I can do at home when leaving the house isn't possible.

  • Online yoga (yogadownload.com is a fave of mine)

  • Barre 3 (I purchased a $15/month online subscription)

  • Easy exercises like squats, lunges and push ups

  • DVDs (Jillian's 30 day shred comes to mind)

  • My bike trainer (once things feel 100% down there).

An Accountability Network - having a friend to make sure you get your butt to yoga once a week is a great gift! I also am part of a running community that I can't wait to rejoin. I may not make it out as often, but knowing we can set goals together is a great motivator.

A goal! - Whether it is gaining back the flexibility in your hips, running 5k or something more lofty, we all need a goal to strive for.  You may also choose to aim for a number of workouts/week (i.e. 3 days for 30 minutes). Checking off achievements is also a great motivator and feel good trick.

That said, here are my fitness goals for 2014:

  • 5/10 k race in March.

  • Yoga or x-training once a week.

  • Run 3x a week.

Do you have tips to share?

What are your 2014 fitness goals??


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