Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Holiday Baby

It's that time of year when you receive invitations galore to holiday parties, lunch and brunch with friends and outings to tree lightings, choirs singing and more. How exciting to have anew baby for the world to meet!

Unfortunately it is also cold and flu season, and for me the though of all the airborne germs makes me want to keep Weston safe and snug in our little home. So what's a new momma to do?

  • Be selective - you don't need to attend anything and everything. Bring baby out to things that will be memorable and to meet people who are important to all of you.

  • Ask friends and family to wash their hands before holding baby - in a pinch offer them some hand sanitizer and model the behaviour first so they know you mean business when it comes to germs and your baby.

  • Limit exposure to big crowds - We have gone to the mall twice at 8am to pick up necessities and avoid the larger crowds at the same time. Avoiding peak times will also make for a more enjoyable experience (i.e. shorter lines and bathrooms are cleaner in the mornings).

  • Cover up baby - Our winter car seat cover comes into the mall for two reasons. It muffles the noise and bright lights and it protects baby from well-meaning strangers that want to coo in his cute little face. Yes this happens. Some people (strangers) may even touch your baby before your mommy reflexes can react.

Below are a few baby bag necessities for your outings:

  1. JJ cole car seat cover (similar here)

  2. Wipe clean changing mat (similar here)

  3. Avent Soother - these are Weston's favourite and trust me you do not want to forget this and resort to a finger in the mouth!

  4. Infinity Scarf - the stylish breastfeeding cover (just make sure it has plenty of fabric and a bit of stretch)

  5. L'occitane hand cream

  6. Water bottle - because you are constantly thirsty!

  7. Hand sanitizer - LOVE this one from Honest co.

What are your strategies for navigating the holiday season with baby?

Oh and p.s. breastfeeding mommies out there might find this article interesting! I stumbled upon it while researching how to get Weston to take at least ONE bottle : )



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