Monday, 23 December 2013

Holiday wishes

There are some days that Westie is so peaceful and quiet I wonder whose baby he is. I call them his "growing days".  On these days he wakes to eat and during diaper changes but that is about it. He is so serene that I will often tip toe over and put my ear as close as I can to his chest without startling him, just to hear and see the little breath sounds.

Right now he is in dreamland sleeping in his bouncy the chair. It has become his napping chair because the vibrations and music never really did much for him. I am looking at him thinking about how he has no idea who this Santa fellow is. This is probably the last holiday season that we will be able to say that.  In fact, all he knows for sure right now is there are these two people who are always around him, and this mommy who will feed and change him whenever he needs. I hope he can feel the love that I feel for him. A love I never knew I could feel until the moment  I first felt him lay on my chest.

During the next few days I hope you all take a moment to feel the love around you.  Let your hearts be light.


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