Monday, 30 December 2013

If you do just one thing

If you do just one thing in 2014, resolve to set goals. Why goals? Because unlike some lofty promise made at the stroke of midnight, goals are thought through. They are measurable. They have a path to achievement and a tangible result.

For example: in 2014 I am going to read more vs. In 2014 I am going to read 25 books and 5 have to be from a genre I don't usually read (biographies anyone?).

Another important question to ask yourself is why? Why read more? To relax and do something other than watch TV at night (also checking off 'watch less tv' at the same time).

I can give you a great example of a resolution I have had for the past two years that needs some work:

"I want to run faster in 2014".

Ok... why? How will I do that? Is there a metre stick to measure this by.

What I really want is a 1/2 marathon PR - 1:45 to be precise.

So for 2014 my goal becomes "I will run a 1:45 half marathon by September 2014".

Why? Because I am tired of pulling the same times and know I have more to give.

How? By building my run base then adding in speed and tempo work which I tend to drop off my training schedule first.

Time frame: 9 months (if you can make a baby in that time you can run 5 minutes faster right??

As you look forward to next year do you have any big goals in mind? Sharing them makes them real : )


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