Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Precious Moments

The other day after a harried day of trying to run errands with baby in tow I found myself getting more and more frustrated at how difficult things were now that I can't just pop out of the house in 30 minutes. Every trip takes careful planning around the sleep schedule, feeding times and ensuring the diaper bag is continuously stocked up.

Just as I was feeling especially down my mom called. As I vented to her she listened for a while and then said "don't wish these times away because they will be gone sooner than you know it".  Powerful words that I later reflected on with tears welling up. She is right.  We will never get these moments of infancy back.

I thought I would take a moment today to capture all the magical times shared with baby so that I can look back in the months to come and say remember when.

  • Weston is almost too big to lie on my tummy now. He squirms a lot to find the perfect position and I know that these tummy time moments are becoming fewer and fewer. 

  • When he nurses he makes the cutest little sounds almost like little moans of contentment. I have also noticed if I pat his back I will feel his tiny hand patting my back at the same time.

  • He smiles at me now. Not gassy smiles but smiles that are brought on by tickles or looking at him with wide eyes saying Hiya over and over.

  • The other day I had to pack up his newborn sleepers that no longer fit his little chubby legs. I cried a little bit as we passed this milestone.

  • He loves the sound of running water. When all else fails we can run the tap and it calms him down in seconds. We just need a way to recycle the water. 

  • I think his eyes will be blue. I know we can't know for sure at this point but somehow I see them becoming bluer and bluer every day. 

  • Last week when we were home to visit my four-year old niece followed my every move to be close to him. She would come over and pat him saying "Hey" and tucking the blanket around him. I showed her how to burp him by patting his back and she assisted with every diaper change. I am so happy we were able to travel home to see them together even though it gets harder and harder to say goodbye.

Those are just a few of the special little memories I can think of. There will never be enough pictures or videos to capture these times. Today Christmas can wait. Me and Weston are going to enjoy a day of cuddles and snuggles.



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