Friday, 3 January 2014

2 months

Dear Weston,


I can't believe you are already two months old!

This month you hit the 12 pound mark. You are growing like a weed and yesterday I had a teary moment looking at the 0-3 sleepers in the store as your days left in them are numbered.

You met your cousins and saw grandpa and grandma again for an early Christmas. Cailynn sure does love you!


You celebrated your first Christmas with an early church service (you were digging the music and lights) and a walk down candycane lane with mom and dad.  Next year maybe you will stay awake for it.


You have discovered your hands and feet and have been kicking up a storm lately. Maybe we have a future soccer player in the family. You also love the sound of water running and bath time has become splash time.

You are most smiley in the morning and I cherish the little moments when I change your diaper and get you dressed for the day and you chatter away to me.

You sleep about 4-5 hour stretches some nights which is quite a gift. Still won't tolerate your bassinet but I am not going to hold it against you since the times I get to hold you in my arms like this are making sweet memories.

I can't wait to see what this next month brings! We have our first dance class together and baby massage so maybe you will make some little friends.

Love you much!



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