Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A sunnier disposition

After our nearly disastrous Monday, the rest of the week has gone quite well.  Highlight so far was definitely out Laptime Storytime class yesterday at the library. Weston was the youngest in the room but I think he enjoyed it. Mommy on the other hand needs to brush up on her nursery rhymes.  Getting out of the house and to the library for 10:15 = a win!

I also got my act together enough to attend a 60 min. Moksha class last night. My hips are tighter than ever! I think it is a combination of pregnancy strain and a lot of couch sitting while breastfeeding.  Oh and remember my goal to drink more water?? I need to place even more emphasis on that post sweaty yoga session. I have a headache this morning but I only have myself to blame.

Other big achievements include Weston learning to make Buh and Ba sounds and a Skype session with my parents where they only disappeared out of the frame twice : ) He also fits his 3 month clothes now so he got to sport his "awesome like aunty" t-shirt for the first time.


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The cutest thing this week is Weston seems to be hugging more or at least holding on when I carry him downstairs. My heart melts!!

I have 2 questions today:

What is your all time favourite nursery rhyme?

Did you travel with your children under 6 months? How long/far did you venture? (p.s. travel post coming next)


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