Monday, 6 January 2014

Cleaning up January

As the new year kicked off, I reflected on the past 2 months (ok 11 if we are being honest) and took stock of my nutrition habits as of late.  Even with our organic box delivery, I still seem to be lacking whole foods in my diet.  One too many times, an entire bowl of steamed green beans has become my dinner because I haven't had the energy  to do much else.  Sure green beans have a health quotient but they don't make an entire meal.  Know what else doesn't constitute a healthy meal? A cliff bar and a diet pepsi. Oh my how I have let things slide.

This is not going to be a post about a new year's fad diet. Nope not at all! It is simply about taking a moment to be honest with yourself about where improvements could be made.  As I begin to add more activity to my daily routing nutrition is going to become even more important, especially with the added demands of breastfeeding.

Here are some of my goals to amp up my eating this month:

  • I am taking a new approach to Pinterest and pinning smoothie ideas and salads. Right now those are the two easy things I think I could manage.  A smoothie, after all, is a great place to hide the wilting spinach we never got around to eating or the melon that is a bit past it's prime. Please add me on pinterest and share your ideas!

  • I always need to drink more pure water.  I seem to be able do it at the gym when there is a water cooler near by, but at home I will drink anything and everything but water. I used to be a crystal light addict just so I could gulp down fluids, I have to consciously limit my intake of diet pop, and I have drunk more tea in these first few post partum months than I have in years.

  • See less of my good friends Lara, Luna and Cliff : )

  • Go back to ONE tassimo pod a day. It isn't helping my sleepiness at all, in fact I think it is creating a vicious caffeine dependency circle (p.s. I switched to Tassimo's last year so I would stop drinking entire pots of coffee).

  • Make sure I take my supplements. Nothing crazy here, just the essentials: multivitamin, vitamin E, vitamin D, and a DHA supplement. A note about DHA: I added this supplement after a good friend suggested I would benefit from it while breastfeeding. After a lot of research and a visit to a local health store, I chose to take Ascenta NutraSea DHA. This is NOT a vegan source of DHA but I was afraid that I wouldn't absorb as much from a vegan source and that was a big worry for Baby W's brain development.  This brand is harvested from Squid oil which you can read more about here. I thought this would be an important note to share as I had a hard time reaching this decision.

There you have it. A few simple changes that I hope will make quite a difference in the coming months.

Here's to a warmer week!


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