Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Link Love

I spend a lot of time during the week reading blog posts and article while Weston naps.  I am going to make a habit of bookmarking the ones I found intriguing, helpful and even irritating so I can share them with you. Here are the top five in no particular order:

  1. Raising genderless children - I had no idea people actually raised their children without ever revealing their gender to even their family. The child psychiatrist calls this out as unhealthy. What are your thoughts?
  2. Running Shoe Trends for 2014 - yes maximalism is a new shoe trend. Think weird toning shoes meets neon mesh.
  3. Can we retire the phrase real women please - Interesting article. I took this quote away from it: "There are so many ways for women to be; all of them are real."
  4. Caffeine Doesn’t Cause Dehydration! - Need I say any more?
  5. 5 Questions to Ask Before posting to social media - You may have seen this post making the rounds on facebook. Interesting food for thought. I will admit right now that I have likely posted things in the past to be boastful. Isn't every "I'm on vacation look at the beautiful beach and my ice cold margarita" post a little bit snarky??



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