Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Trip Planning

I mentioned previously that we had gone to get Weston's passport photos taken so we would be prepared for a potential trip this spring. Much to our frustration we had to go back and get them redone because both ears weren't showing!

We are all set now though and will be bringing in the forms on Friday for his first passport. Mine also expires in May so I have to get it renewed.

We have thrown around a couple of ideas so far but are yet to land on anything solid. The parameters seem to be Short(ish) flight, ability to speak the local language or confidence that there is enough of an English speaking population in case there is an emergency, and obviously a baby-friendly environment.

These are the options we have come up with:

  1. Belize - not too far of a flight and small enough to tour around without needing to take additional transportation (trains, buses etc.)
  2. California coast - we figure we could fly to san francisco and do a mini road trip from there. 
  3. Iceland - Iceland air just started offering direct flights from Edmonton (6hrs) with a free stopover option in Reykjavik before heading to your final destination. From Reykjavik we are thinking of taking a short haul flight (2 hours or less) to either Stockholm or Amsterdam. In reading reviews, both are very clean and family friendly.
  4. Scotland - we could visit my family and friends but it is the longest flight option (9+ hours!)
I am going to do a bit more research this week. We are looking to go at the end of March for about 10 days. 

Have you traveled with a baby under 6 months?
Any tips or suggestions??


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