Saturday, 4 January 2014

Weekly Workouts (Dec 30 - Jan 5)

First weekly workouts post of the year! I have also updates some of the pages with new info.

Monday, Dec 30  – 60 minute Moksha class
Tuesday, Dec 31 –  30 minute cycle (trainer road)
Wednesday, Jan 1 – OFF
Thursday, Jan 2 – 50 minute walk with Baby, 30 minute barre3 class online
Friday, Jan 3  – OFF
Saturday, Jan 4 – 60 minute HIIT class
Sunday, Jan 5 - 75 minute Vinyasa Flow class

I am finally starting to get back to activity! I am able to get out of the house in the evenings for a bit and on weekends I time things around Weston's eating schedule. I feel alive! For anyone who has had to take a break from their usual training due to circumstance, injury or pregnancy you can probably relate to the rush of endorphins you feel once you are able to get back on track.

Things to note:

  • My intensity is much lower (i.e. at HIIT class I can't do nearly as many reps in 60 seconds as I once could).

  • My HR is higher and to be honest a bit all over the place but I am confident it will improve quite quickly.

  • Lack of sleep takes a toll on your body. I am having a hard time balance the old adage of "once you will start you will feel better" with honouring my bodies need for rest.

  • My lower back gets fatigued quickly due to my weakened core while my arms are stronger than expected from toting around the carseat, stroller and Mr Weston himself.

  • Increased workouts + breastfeeding = even more thirsty!

New in 2014!

  • I am beginning training this month to become a certified running coach! Me and J have reached an agreement that he will be my case study for my coursework as I have to sign up and train someone for their first marathon. Watch for posts on that here!

  • Next Sunday I have my first run club that I am leading for lululemon staff. I am looking forward to some fun mornings with that team.

Do you have any new fitness/lifestyle goals in 2014?
Have you ever had to take a break from fitness? 


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