Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Weekly Workouts (Jan 6 - Jan 12)

Monday, Jan 6  – OFF
Tuesday, Jan 7 –  This Jillian Michaels DVD
Wednesday, Jan 8 – 60 minute Moksha class
Thursday, Jan 9 – 60 minute HIIT class, 3o minute walk with Weston
Friday, Jan 10  – OFF
Saturday, Jan 11 – 40 minute walk with Weston
Sunday, Jan 12 - 35 minute group run

Things to note:

  • I still hate burpees.

  • My inner thighs and core were very tight from running on the ice (hello stabilizers!).

  • My arms are getting much stronger but not from working out - from carrying all the baby equipment!

  • I have excess skin around my mid section from being pregnant. I am not sure if that ever goes away but it is what it is... I just hike my lulus up to conceal it : )


  1. I love how you mix your workouts up. Smart way to stick with it!

  2. Thanks! It makes it so much more fun right?! Especially when you are just trying to increase your general fitness again. I always take suggestions to try new things if you have them : )


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