Friday, 24 January 2014

What's next

It has been a busy week. The older Weston gets the more activities we are able to attend and he becomes more amenable to becoming my sidekick. And by sidekick I mean we go out once in the morning (sometimes) and for an afternoon walk.  If this doesn't seem like groundbreaking progress you should have been here in the coldest days of December. 

We are still making it to story time lap time and baby massage. Today we are learning sleep techniques so I might give Weston a baby massage for 2 hours tonight : )

I have also been studying. A lot. I am working towards my North American Academy for Sport Fitness Professionals (NAASFP) Marathon Coach certification. I chose this program for a couple of reasons. I wanted more credibility as a run leader, I wanted to improve my own running, and I wanted to keep my mind active and have something just for me while I am on mat leave.

Let me tell you I am learning a lot. It is like I am back in school and when J comes home I am full of “did you knows”. The challenge is I don’t always get time to even crack a book but I am making it work. Every night once Weston is asleep he stays with J while I go to read my texts. The only problem is tiredness makes me fall asleep about 10 minutes in. Better than nothing I guess.

I have a couple of steps to complete before being fully certified but I would love to develop training plans for people who are looking to work with a coach on a more personalized programs or who have lives far too hectic to make it to a group training scenario.

Happy Friday everyone!


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