Tuesday, 4 February 2014

3 months

Dear Weston,

Today you are three months old. You are growing and changing every day and continue to amaze me.

You enjoy staring at the lights and bright shapes.

You have grown tired of your play gym but aren't yet big enough for your exersaucer.

You love to stand up and always have to be facing out to see the world.

Our favourite times are our afternoon walks (when it isn't too cold) and you do this really funny thing where you throw your head back to feel the breeze on your cheeks.

You are getting better at skyping with Grandpa and Grandpa and sometimes will even talk to them through the screen.

You are over 13 pounds now and you still have your Daddy's blue eyes.  Not much hair yet, but it might be brown like Mommy's.

Your favourite book is That's not my Lamb and I am teaching you textures now that you are interested in touching everything.

Those little hands and feet still amaze you. I am pretty sure you are working on getting your feet close to your mouth.

You have started to hold things, and like to carry Pebble or GG (the giraffe blanket) around with you now. It is really cute.

Love you so so much!


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