Friday, 7 February 2014

Get to class - Barre

Yesterday I attended my first class of the fitness challenge. I thought I would post reviews of each class here for those looking to add something new to their weekly fitness plan.


If you haven't attended a Barre class before, it is a ballet inspired workout that melds movements from  yoga, Pilates, and dance into one full body workout.

We started out with a dance like warmup with some plies and stretching followed by a seven minute arm sequence. Then we moved to the barre for lots of ballet movements. If you ever took ballet, you will be hit by memories of pink tights and top knots at this point. These movements isolated all the small, supporting muscles in my hips and there was a pretty big burn by rep 8. The last section has a core focus with Pilates like movements, push-ups and side planks.


All you need is the barre, a small bosu-like ball, small hand weights (we are talking 2-3 pounds), and a Pilates or yoga mat. At home, you can use a high-backed chair instead of a barre.

My thoughts

I have done plenty of virtual Barre3 classes online, but this was only my second time in a real class setting at the Barre. If you can make it to a class in your city, I would definitely recommend the added bonus of having an instructor present to correct your form.

The muscles worked in this class remind me of the movements I have used in physio as a runner. If you have ever done clam shells and hip drops you will see where I am coming from. It definitely made me realize that I have some weaknesses in my hips that I need to work on.

Although I attended a cardio barre class, I would say that cardio junkies might be craving more of a workout.  That said, I definitely did leave feeling like I had a workout.  I think this class could be used in addition or in place of yoga or Pilates to promote better alignment and body awareness.

The only thing missing in my class was mirrors because I felt awkward not being able to see if my feet were turned out right or my legs were bent properly.

If you have been to Barre I would love to hear you reviews!

Up next... working online with a personal trainer


  1. Barre workouts are AWESOME! There's plenty of videos on Youtube, so they are easily done at home. However, I'd really like to find a class in my area. Great post!


  2. Thanks Olena! Yes there is something about actually being at the barre that makes it more fun. I will look on Youtube. Hadn't even thought of that.


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