Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Get to Class - CrossFit

So last night I went to the second class of the fit mama challenge.  It was CrossFit and I was probably most nervous about this one. You can blame Trainer Bob's Instagram for my fears - he posts some intense WOD photos.  Regardless, I left the house for my 7pm class with an open mind.


As we arrived a class was just finishing up so the intimidation factor was high.  The instructors were very warm and entertaining though so fears quickly subsided.
As CrossFit newbies, the class was structured for beginners with a warmup of walking lunges, skipping and inchworms. We then spent ten minutes or so learning the proper form technique for a deadlift (moving from a broom stick to the weighted bar).  Our short WOD consisted of air squats, box jumps, toes to bar, and jumping pull-ups. 

For our WOD we used a wood box for box jumps, a 35lb barbell with 10 lb plates and our body weight on a cage that reminded me a bit of elementary school gym class (but black, metal, and a bit scarier).

My thoughts
I can see why people like CrossFit. It would be a great environment for goal setting (i.e. deadlifting 200lbs!) and accountability. They write their names on the board every WOD so they can keep track of their goals.  Writing down your goals and achievements publicly is one way to motivate someone!

I particularly liked the gym owners rationale for starting her business. She wanted to teach women functional fitness and the proper lifting technique.  If smaller, tight knit groups are your thing and you like to push yourself to the limit this might be the workout for you!


  1. That's great that you got to try crossfit! I am a big fan of it and there is definitely nothing to be scared :)

  2. Me too! I love crossfit! It challenges me every day! I am one of the oldest people in my classes and I am cool with that too. There's all shapes and sizes too. Makes it even more welcoming!


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