Friday, 28 February 2014

I Style Dare You

I have a confession. Since I became a mommy to Weston I have spent far too many hours and days in lululemon pants and nursing tanks. While this was perfectly acceptable for the first couple of months, I need an intervention.  Here are some indications that my umm 'style' could use some help:

  • I sometimes wear my husbands Adidas sweatpants which he says make me look like I am in a Hans and Frans SNL skit (gasp!). 
  • I have mastered the messy bun and even cut my bangs to make it easier. 
  • The other day my husband pointed out that I still had pink nail polish on one toe to which I replied, "I know it has been there for weeks". 
  • Even I am embarrassed that I wear fake Ugg boots out in public.
  • Every top I wear lately is gauged on whether it will be easy to nurse in. I own the v-neck t.
  • My go to beauty product is under eye concealer.

While this is by no means a fashion blog, extreme situations call for extreme measures. And so, I bring you Fox in Flats March Style Dare.

The concept is simple, follow along with Fox in Flats readers and instagrammers as they take on a daily fashion challenge. If you are particularly ambitious or style savvy, share your own photos on Facebook, twitter, and instagram with the hashtag #FoxinFlatsStyleDare

Are you ready to join me? Here is how the month of March is going to shake down:

Tomorrow kicks off with sparkles! Let me know if you are up for the dare because I could really use some style inspiration.

p.s. Who pissed off mother nature this year? This weather is getting ridiculous!


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