Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Tummy Troubles

I am 99% certain now that Weston has a soy sensitivity or allergy.  Twice this week, he has projectile vomited within 1-2 feedings after I eat a soy based product. This time it was sol cuisine burgers.

What does this mean for us? I am going to have to be more diligent in choosing protein sources. As a vegan, this is going to throw a lot of convenience choices out the window. I am also considering eggs as a protein but I am going to have to do some research on finding a (truly) free range option.

I felt so sad for him yesterday when he got sick. I had been reading that you shouldn't eliminate foods, but the link to soy products is so clear now because I had been avoiding them to see if his spitting up improved and it really had until yesterday's episode of tummy trouble.

I already made the switch to almond milk a couple of years ago, but energy bars (Clif and Luna) are a staple around here.  This is especially true since I became pressed for time during the day and need a quick snack to tide me over.

I would love advice from you  if your baby experienced an allergy or sensitivity while breastfeeding. Right now I am googling "vegans who start eating eggs".

If you suspect your little one is experiencing something similar, here are a few links that might b helpful:


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