Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Weekly Workouts (Feb 10 -16)

Monday Feb 10 - Tracy Anderson DVD
Tuesday Feb 11 - 60 min. HIIT class
Wednesday, Feb 12 - #fitmamasYEG online workout
Thursday, Feb 13 - 30 min. walk
Friday, Feb 14 - 60 minute HIIT, #fitmamasYEG online workout
Saturday, Feb 15 - 30 min interval spin (trainer road)
Sunday, Feb 16 - 10km run (Long Slow Distance - avg. HR 132)

Week two of the #fitmamasYEG challenge is done! No classes this week but I did my two online workouts.

Things I learned this week:

  • Don't run 10k just because you can. My knees were so sore the last k I thought I might need to walk but I got sucked into the thrill of running with my old group.
  • If you had a baby recently, make sure you don't have Diastasis because it can be worsened by traditional ab work.
  • If you are coming back to running after pregnancy or an injury resist the urge to compare your new times to your old ones. I call these my A.B. (after baby runs).
How was your week? Try anything new??


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