Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Weekly Workouts (Feb 17-23)

Monday Feb 17 - OFF
Tuesday Feb 18 - 60 min. CrossFit
Wednesday, Feb 19 - #fitmamasYEG online workout
Thursday, Feb 20 - 30 min. walk
Friday, Feb 21 - 30 min. run (forgot garmin), #fitmamasYEG online workout
Saturday, Feb 22 - 60 minute HIIT class
Sunday, Feb 23 - 6km run 

Better late than never, I finally managed to get this post up!

Things I learned this week:

  • CrossFit is actually a really fun workout!
  • Running causes lower abdomen pain for me now. I am sure it is core related but it is a strange kind of pain so I am going to go to my physio to get it looked at. 
  • Planning a running schedule is entirely different as a new mom. More on that later : )
  • A good pair of wool socks will solve your cold feet dilemma.

How was your week? Run any races? Crush any goals?


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