Sunday, 2 February 2014

What's new?

It is a new month and a fresh start.

Tomorrow the blog will get a new look! I am so excited to get everything up and running and hope you like the design as much as I do.

On Tuesday Fit Mamas Challenge 2014 begins. I am joining other Edmonton moms in 8 weeks of fitness challenges.  Crossfit, barre, zumba and at home training are all on the menu. I am most looking forward to meeting other moms.

J and Weston start their babies and books class this month at the library. I was able to find an evening class that J can make it to after work (there should be more 6pm slots for working parents right??).  This is kind of a big deal. J hasn't taken Westie out on his own yet so I am going to do my best to make sure he's fed, changed and ready to go. J is already asking questions like "what if he cries?"  Oh boy ; )

I am also starting to plan out what runs/races I would like to do. I am thinking the St. Patrick's day trail run might be a good base run to see where things are. I really need to get my mileage above one run a week though. I am hoping that a the sun stays up a little longer I will be able to go out when J gets home from work. 

We are still trip planning but may change plans quite a bit.  My mom and dad are in AZ right now and we all received sad news yesterday that my Uncle passed away on Friday. I didn't mention it before but one of her good friends also passed away very suddenly three weeks ago so she us understandably feeling quite down.  I feel like she could use a visit from us.  Who knows, maybe there are some AZ runners out there who want to meet up?

What's new for you in February?


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