Saturday, 29 March 2014

April Challenge

Is it just me or does this seem less and less like a running blog. I apologize!!

Getting on a running schedule was harder than anticipated and the weather has not been kind. Lately I seem to go from good weeks of 3-4 runs to zero. With April on its way and (hopefully) and less ice on the sidewalks things are going to change. I promise.

My plan this time is to plan less. The other day I stopped by my office and my running friend/co-worker mentioned to me that she had read an article on map my run that essentially advocated not running any "junk miles". I interpret this to mean "run with purpose".  Lately my runs have been purely to run again, which is fine for base building but if I am honest with myself I have a pretty solid 5-8k base that I can build upon.

Things that are starting to get easier:

  • Warmer temperatures and more daylight means I can run when J gets home from work.
  • Weston's paediatrician gave the go ahead for the running stroller based on how strong he is (I had been nervous because of the 9 month recommendations)
  • Physio is helping my core get stronger.
Extra motivation:
  • There is something very exciting happening in the Edmonton running community that I can't wait to share. In the next few weeks I will have more details!
  • Ummm I am signed up for a 10k at the end of the month. It might not be pretty : )
  • Three solid runs a week (long run, tempo, intervals/hills). I am not making a schedule because that seems to be setting me up for failure lately.
  • My core/diastasis work every day (I set an alarm on my iPhone to remind me)
Seems simple right? 

Have you been in a rut lately and need some extra April motivation? I would love to have some accountability here or on instagram to share your runs or other activities. 


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